Drawing by author for the play



Jens BjØrneboe
Texts for an Exraordinary Spectacle

Translated from the Norwegian by Solrun Hoaas
& Esther Greenleaf Mürer

ISBN 1-879378-46-9 (paper)
173 pages, $15


Sketch by the author for the play.


First Publication in English

The Norweigian iconoclast Jens Bjørneboe described this work as "a wild, almost surrealistic play — partly sinister, partly comic... directed against those forms of society that do not allow room for people who think differently from those in power." In the horrible world of Amputation the dissident individual who cannot be normalized by conditioned reflexes may yet serve society — in the medical sense.

Bjørneboe wrote two versions of the play. Here, in one volume, are both, plus suplemental texts that provide all the materials for an extraordinary reading and, for the avant-garde theatrical group, an extraordinary production of Bjørneboe's shocking and prophetic warning.




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