Alfredo de Palchi

Addictive Aversions
Translated from the Italian by Sonia Raiziss & others

ISBN-1-879378-38-8 (paper)
138 pages, $15

Each new book by Alfredo De Palchi is both a surprise and a challenge. In Anonymous Constellation we encountered the destructive forces of nature, moving blindly through the fishes and beasts to all mankind. In Addictive Aversions we encounter the life-force of sex, expressed in the individual body of the poet, but just as blind, asocial and irresistible, hence the title. 

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"Alfredo de Palchi is both tough and imaginative. He is absolutely uncompromising, and his poems are painful and exalting to read. One does not come away from his stark and terrible and hilarious work untouched." 
~ James Dickey

"[De Palchi's poetry] casts a revealing light on the dubious existential foundations of all mankind...these disturbing poems cumulate into a redoubtable wisdom..."  ~ The Antioch Review


Excerpt from Addictive Aversions:

The wind, frozen, rips leaves
heaps them under the stairs
while you wash the dishes, and I
dazed by wine
think of the ready bed
of whirling like wind over the house
you inside my pajamas,
your girl's bad moods and languors
by a thief perpetrating
into the family of your body.


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